Top 5 Hill Country Wineries

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Guest post written by my amazing friend Anna Bialek. Follow her on Instagram!

When I participate in the inevitable “What do you like to do for fun?” icebreaker question at work functions and the like, I typically have two responses.

 1.     I love to read (currently the Outlander series)

2.     I love to visit wineries

Luckily, I grew up in the Texas Hill Country, where dozens of wineries are situated a stone’s throw away from my childhood home. The wineries in Fredericksburg are so much more than the wines themselves; the pourers are knowledgeable and friendly, the samples are generous, and the atmosphere can’t be beat.

I know what you’re thinking: wine tasting is so pretentious. Not in Texas it ain’t!

Here are my top 3 picks for best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas, plus a couple other gems in the surrounding area.

1.     Becker Vineyards: arguably the most well known in the Fredericksburg/Stonewall area, the indoor tasting room is large, and on the weekends they set up outdoor tasting areas as well to accommodate the crowds. Bring your own snacks or buy snacks there to enjoy on the gorgeous grounds, and don’t forget to pick up a gift in the Lavender Shop!
a.     Wine to try: Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon

2.     Torre di Pietra: LOVE this place. The tasting room is so cozy: exposed stone walls, a woodburning fireplace, and during the holidays a huge Christmas tree. When the Texas weather allows, enjoy the outdoor pavilion with plenty of seating, live music, and a food truck on the weekends (cross your fingers it’s the one serving crepes).
a.     Wine to try: Blanc du Bois

3.     Pedernales Cellars: my personal favorite in this area, but I may be biased because I participated in my first ever grape stomp here. Between the shaded deck overlooking the grapes, the chill live music, and the overall relaxed vibe, I could spend all afternoon here. I also loved learning from the website that the co-founder is a sixth generation Texan! Yeehaw!
a.     Wine to try: they make a mean tempranillo

And now two wineries that are not in the Fredericksburg area but are nearby and wonderful.

4. Singing Water Vineyards in Comfort, Texas: their wine selection and tasting room are small but you can buy a bottle and drink it outside in a tree house. Seriously. They built decks with several levels around the trees. As if that weren’t enough, it overlooks a creek and the live music is top notch (George Strait covers, Jesse, I know you’re now on board).
a.     Wine to try: Freedom

5.    Driftwood Winery in Driftwood, Texas: I saved the best for last. The view alone is worth the trip; the winery overlooks the growing vines and the Texas hills (it is literally on top of a hill), so you can see why it’s also a popular wedding venue. Buy a bottle, grab a few lawn chairs, and situate them on the edge of the “cliff” to take in the view. Another reason to visit: it’s only 30 miles from Austin.  
a.     Wine to try: Viognier

Spring has sprung, which means perfect vineyard visiting weather! Cheers!

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