Austin's Bribery Bakery

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
I started following Bribery Bakery on Instagram after my sister-in-law RAVED about how amazing Jodi Elliot's treats were. Once they opened their store front and began to post pics of desserts, I seriously would salivate just looking at them.  One Saturday morning, they posted a picture of a chocolate croissant...I was in the store 15 minutes later. The power of Instagram right there!  They did not disappoint. My husband had the Monterrey jack and chicken croissant and I had the chocolate croissant. Both were FANTASTIC! The croissant looked like it was straight out of France, and was cooked to perfection. We also tried some brownie samples...omg...heaven in my mouth. This is seriously one of the best bakeries I've been to, and I'm in bakeries a lot (I love my carbs and sweets). The prices are a bit higher than your average bakery, but you pay for the quality so it's totally worth every penny.

The decor of the bakery is so cute, and feels like you're walking in to a fun and colorful home.  Also, how cute are the tiffany blue boxes with pink stickers?! You can order cakes, pastry platters, treats for staff/events, and even have a party inside the bakery (book club, baby shower, girls night out, etc.)! 

If you live in the Austin area, you need to get to Bribery Bakery ASAP! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Their photos might not help if you're on a diet.

Cream Puffs

Chocolate Custard Cake

Spring Veggie Focaccia w/Jalapeno Cheese Curds

Have you been to Bribery Bakery? If so, what was your favorite treat on the menu!?

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  1. Can't miss the wonderful styling and interior at this place. As I walked upstairs, my eyes wandered about the brick wall interior and the overall décor. This is by far one of the best event venues Seattle to organize event.


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