Jimmy Kimmel Live in Austin #SXSW

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When I signed up to win Jimmy Kimmel Live Tickets a few months ago, I didn't think I would really win, so I was extremely excited when I got an email saying I had been chosen for 2 priority tickets! You might be living under a rock, or don't follow social media, if you don't know Jimmy Kimmel is filming his show in Austin for SXSW. He'll be filming his show till Thursday. 
Here are some tips if you are attending this week's shows or even next year!
We had a call time for 2pm (priority ticket holders). We arrived downtown at noon, and parked in the Long Center parking garage for only $8. That is an AMAZING deal considering we could park there all day (the lady advised to be back by 3am....yeah, don't think we'll be out that late). There are quite a few options for food around the area, but we felt like BBQ was perfect considering we knew Jimmy would be taste testing Austin BBQ. We headed across the street to Terry Black's, and were not dissapointed. I ordered a chopped beef sandwich, and Alex ordered brisquit. Holy moly, that was probably the best bbq sandwhich I've had since Harold's closed down in Abilene.

We headed back to the Long Center around 1:30pm. There were about a hundred people in front of us. 2 hours later, they finally began to let us in. Thank goodness for a perfect day...we really didn't mind standing in line.

Once they checked our bags (no outside food or drinks allowed), we were given our tickets with seat assignments. We were pleasantly suprised to find ourselves in the very front, about 15 rows back from the stage. To keep the crowd entertained, they had and MC who asked people to come on stage and show a talent to win a t-shirt. Suprisingly almost every person was an Austinite.

The guests of the show were Kevin Hart and Brad Paisley, and a special video appearance of Matthew McConahugye. Tell me you saw the Vulcan Video commercial (shout out to ROUND ROCK)! The taping lasted about an hour 1/2. At one point during a commercial break, Jimmy asked the audience for restaurant recommendations. We heard shout outs like Gourdoughs, Elizabeth Street, Franklin's, Torchy's, Round Rock Donuts...and then they gave the mic to a lady in the audience. She proceeded to recommend...Rudy's, Dos Salsas, Double Dave's Pizza. Everyone started booing her, it was hilarious! I definitely think she was from Round Rock, because I live right next to all of those restaurants.

My favorite part of the show was when Brad Paisley performed. He basically gave us a mini-concert, playing 5 songs from his new CD. I could tell some people weren't big fans of his, but I was extremely excited when he kept playing! I would have never gotten concert tickets that close.

During the show they handed out Flat Guillermos for us to take pictures all around ATX (print your own HERE), just search #GuillermoInAustin for hundreds of photos. After the show, we headed across the street with friends to Threadgill's for drinks. There was a Swedish concert series going on... blue eyed, blond haired swedes everywhere!


It was an all day event, but totally worth it.  I hope Jimmy comes back next year, and you have the opportunity to go if you didn't get to this year. It's a raffle, so anyone can win...just sign up at 1iota.
Were you able to attend a show? What was your favorite part? Who did you see?

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